"...singing communicated a lovely human sense of music, not trapped in the past,
    but being made now, in the present."
         -- Matthew Guerrieri, the Boston Globe

"Establishing a deep level of communication, this Boston enesmble made every part of      Requiem a thing of sonic and visceral beauty . . . This is my first -- but definitely not last --      time hearing Schola Cantorum of Boston. This ensemble is inarguably a standout of      Renaissance expression. You do not want to miss out on this Boston treasure."    
-- David Patterson, the Boston Musical Intelligencer                    

    “...the overall sonority – an incomparably beguiling and ethereal one, brought off expertly...”
         -- Richard Buell, the Boston Globe

“There can never be enough singing on this level.”    
-- Josiah Fisk, the Boston Herald        

    “. . . accessible and engaging . . .”
        -- Channing Gray, the Providence Journal

“Informed through and through by the music’s very human emotions . . .     
Silence itself - a deep inner silence, the shimmer of eternity – was being articulated.     
The literature is a lovely one, and this is a chorus to make a special note of.”     
-- Richard Buell, the Boston Globe        

    “ . . . plaintive beauty and radiant sound . . . ”
        -- Anthony Tommasini, the Boston Globe

“ . . . proceeding from strength to strength . . . ”     
-- Richard Buell, the Boston Globe        

    “ . . . radiant, pure sounds, rich in color and consonants, blessed with momentum,
    enlivened by a sure sense of gesture and style.”
        -- Josiah Fisk, Boston Herald

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